Do you want your journey, related blog post, tips to be featured in a unique way ?

If you want to be featured on the Bellytox blog, instagram and Facebook, follow these easy steps !

1. Email us at and tell us how you would like to be featured.
2. After our reply, email us with all the media ( photos & videos ) and captions for each photo or video. If you have a blog post, email us with your blog post. Don't forget to include your instagram handle, Facebook info and website address.
3. After we receive your email, we will let you know through email which day you will be featured.

It's as simple as that

One last important thing. Its up to you if you want to create the stories by yourself. You can choose for us to put the media together, or you can do it. Please let us know what you prefer!

We always love featuring patients, other professionals or bloggers in different ways. We hope this has encouraged you to send us an email.

Tis The Season Not To Be Jolly ? | Bellytox Tea

Tis The Season Not To Be Jolly ?

During the months of November to February, the days start getting shorter and colder, and the nights longer and darker. Climate changes seem to affect many people and they just can't understand why they tend to feel gloomy and miserable.
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Intermittent Fasting - Day 1 of I’m not sure how many | Bellytox Tea

Intermittent Fasting - Day 1 of I’m not sure how many

For more than a year I have been twirling around the thought of intermittent fasting. Why? Because I was curious about some of the benefits — I’d read about it, I’d heard about it and I’d done other types of fasts in the past. 
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