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BellyTox Rox Egypt

A Retreat with Rae & NahedDecember 2nd to Dec 9th, 2019Cairo, Egypt do the egyptian dance Treat yourself to a Trip of a Lifetime at one of the original 7 wonders of the world In Egypt - The Great Pyramids.   Join us on this sublime excursion of breathtaking adventures in Cairo, while learning to be more aware of how to apply self care everyday. Experience peaceful perfection and zen at our luxury accommodations. Come enjoy the extensive sights, good company, relaxation, well being sessions and fantastic Egyptian culture, lifestyle & food.  Upon return, you will have experienced superb adventures while learning how to no longer feel...

BellyTox Rox Vegas

Welcome to the first post in our new Lifestyle Series! Here, we'll share our latest and greatest stories in travel, because adventure and discovery are necessary when it comes to self-care. Join us in our goal to ignite the explorer in you! Are you ready? Let's go! ━━━━━━━━━▼━━━━━━━━━ Sky Dive Las Vegas gets 5 stars, 5 claps, 5 hearts and 5 snaps. They gave me an all star, life awakening, self-loving, life healing, self trusting experience. As we pulled up to the place that was to enable me to knock another item off my "DO Before I'm 50" list, my...

Fashion Myth

For those of you who thought you can not wear white after Labor Day ... You can wear white whenever you want ... You can do and be what you want #CelineDion #WearWhiteAfterLaborDay  The INSIDER Summary: The old fashion rule to not wear white after Labor Day is going out of style. It may have originated because people wanted to stay cool or because it was a sign of wealth. But now people are wearing white whenever they want. The end of summer is just about here and, for the rule followers among us, that means abiding by the age-old adage...

Just some quick tips on how to keep spending at bay for the upcoming school season

Shop on the sales tax free days. In most states, those days are aug 12-18 Review your child’s supply list(s) and put together a shopping list that includes any additional children.  Uniforms or no? If your child has to wear uniforms, locate the stores that carry the clothing and comparison shop & price match.      If your child’s school does not require uniforms and for other non uniform items, make a list and compare sales and use price match    School Pictures - get the class pic, you don’t need the largest packages (how many do you already have...

Acai - The King of Superfoods

The acai berry is is strange in the way that only 10% of the berry is actually edible, the main reason for this is it has a large stone which takes up most of the berry. It is a dark purple berry slightly smaller than a grape, acai is more communally mixed with ice cream, meal bars and also energy drinks. The acai berry requires rapid precessing after its late harvest. The acai berry grows in the rain forests of the amazon in south america and is considered by some as being more than an organic fruit. These rain forests...