Intermittent Fasting - Day 1 of I’m not sure how many

Intermittent Fasting - Day 1 of I’m not sure how many 🤔
For more than a year I have been twirling around the thought of intermittent fasting. Why? Because I was curious about some of the benefits — I’d read about it, I’d heard about it and I’d done other types of fasts in the past. As with many things, I discussed it with friends and family and it seemed to have some good benefits. I decided intermittent fasting may be helpful to me and I did absolutely nothing about it. 🤣😄 Oh yes, you read that right — even though I felt it could be beneficial to me, I didn’t do anything.
Side Bar Thought 💭
Really? You’ve been marinating around this idea for more than a year and you’re just implementing? … We’re going to need to work on turnaround times 😂
Over the summer, my family got together for 4th of July and I was impressed when I saw 3 of them had lost significant weight. While trying to mull over the “politically correct” way to ask about what they were doing & not be offensive, our family matriarch plainly says to each one of them “you look like you’ve lost some weight what you doing?” I laughed in my head and opened my ears because I wanted to know too.
Side Bar Thought 💭
Thank God for the elders who say what they mean and mean what they say 🙏🏾
Well of course the answer to what was being done was intermittent fasting. Over the course of approximately 6 weeks, my brother had loss about 20 pounds. I was excited and inspired and decided to text my friend June about it. I told her about the noticeable differences and how it seemed relatively easy to implement. We talked about how this wasn’t the first time we had discussed intermittent fasting and how it would be good for us. Although that was this past summer, we put together a plan and are now Intermittent Fasting! 🎉🎈
What’s our plan? What was decided?
  • 8 hours of eating, 16 hours of fasting
  • We chose the eight hours that works best given our schedules 
  • 1pm to 9pm is our eating time
  • Contact each other right before it’s time to stop eating — helpful reminder
Side Bar Thought 💭
KISS 💋😚 Keep It Super Simple
We have lots of people to take care of — our children, our partners, ourselves, family, etc
Day One: I woke up around 3 AM and I’m not sure why… Maybe I was excited… That’s not my usual time to wake up in the mornings. I drank water and black coffee throughout the morning. By 11am my stomach began informing me that this was outside of the norm— it starting making weird noises. Although I felt hungry, I was kind of excited because I had less than two hours to go before eating. I found myself taking the time to consider what I would eat instead of being quick and casual about it. We started cooking at about 1220 and when 100p came, we ate. I was completely grateful for the food and proud to have made it through day 1. Intermittent fasting has been successfully implemented. Will there be a Day 2? YES 😊
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