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Bellytox B12 Patch - Energy while Detoxing or just because | Bellytox Tea
28 Day AM and PM, B12 Energy Patch BellyBundle Intense | Bellytox Tea
Bellytox VJayJay Cleanse | Bellytox Tea
Bellytox VJayJay Cleanse
$13.50 $20.00
14 Day Tea Detox for a Flat Tummy | Bellytox Morning Cleanse | Bellytox Tea
Your October Horoscope | Bellytox Tea

Your October Horoscope

I know, I know… how many times do we have to hear “how is it already fall?” But seriously, we’re in October! Can you believe it? If you live in an area with seasons, then it’s time to gather your adorable sweaters, colorful scarves and temperate booties, cuties. Also, it’s time to get ready for one of my favorite holidays of the year: Halloween! This is a period that is revered and celebrated for its powerful symbolism and connection to the spirit world. So, essentially, it’s time to manifest your ideal reality, boo.
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What Summer Solstice Means for Your Sign | Bellytox Tea

What Summer Solstice Means for Your Sign

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, summer solstice kicks off the longest day of the year and a celebration of the summer season, marking a time of excitement, creative potential and energy!
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5 Fertility Tracker Apps We Love | Bellytox Tea

5 Fertility Tracker Apps We Love

When you’re trying to have a baby – whether it’s your first or third – the whole process can be an overwhelming one. You likely have a friend who got pregnant right when she decided it was time and, on the other end of the spectrum, you probably know someone who ended up going the IVF route.
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